Gogoro VIVA Accessories You Can Use Today

At present, there are only the number of options left. After the sale, you have to wait for the next wave of arrivals. Currently, the supply is in short supply. The number of arrivals is limited. Thank you for supporting the

pedal space. It is slightly smaller, but you need to carry a computer or load some Accessories are still available, and optional foot pads can be installed on the pedals.

Station side announcement Gogoro VIVA腳踏墊板  function is on the line! Come and share your life size!

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based on in order to save the freight and super business If you purchase a few products and use home delivery or super-commercial pick-up, we will use some of the products in simple packaging with bubble bags, and informal carton packaging, if not acceptable, please do not place orders or Please order each product separately, thank you for your understanding and cooperation!