Casual Skateboarding Pixel Game Dr. Tacocat Launches On Steam

Publisher Ok_kern and developer Jimi Demetriou have announced the release of the casual skateboard game Dr. Tacocat.

Dr. Tacocat is an endless skateboard racing game with nice pixel illustrations. The game was to be played 10-20 minutes at a time here and there between matches in other games.

“Ollie, kickflip and grind through the endless pixel world of Mreowfield. Pass the pug patrol and all the others who obstruct skateboarding. Use the Tacos collected along the way as the only defense between this 360 Flip for a 5-0 version and a toss. “Indicates the official description of the game. Casual Skateboarding Pixel Game Dr. Tacocat Launches On Steam

Dr. Tacocat doesn’t have a deep history, but the orange tabby cat should avoid the pug police.

Although the game is called Dr. Tacocat, there are three different characters to choose from. Dr. Tacocat is the standard character, while Fox Fox is faster. Krinjah Cat is the smallest of the trio with the lowest pushing force but the highest bearing quality.

The game features four areas in the town of Mreowfield: an empty boardwalk, a suburb where neighbors and pug police are more aggressive, late at night in the town with lots of stairs and over the rooftops.