Diddy Gushes Over His Son, Christian King Combs

Diddy couldn’t be a more proud father. It now springs from his son, Christian King Combs, who is a model for Lanvin at Paris Fashion Week. Check out the video Diddy shared on his social media account.

Many fans praised Diddy’s son, but there were also enemies who jumped in the comments to comment on the designer’s clothes.

Someone said, “ The face is fierce … go ahead and bring the urban people on the haute couture trail, ” and another fan said that the king’s mom would be proud: “ Kim would proud! ❤️ ‘

Another disciple said, “He is officially a model. The face is beautiful. Diddy Gushes Over His Son, Christian King Combs Who’s Modelling For Lanvin At Paris Fashion Week – Fans Say Kim Porter Would Be Proud.

Someone else said, “ Okay, we’re not going to act like we don’t see what he has on what this world is going to come to, ” and another hater posted this : “ Of all the things he could do in this world with all the resources at his disposal, he chooses to be a model? Okay.’

One commentator said, “ The pants are way too big and look ridiculous. And these socks on his feet make him look like lead feet, and it’s laborious to lift them. 🤣🤣🤣 #NotAGoodLookAtAll. ‘

Other than that, Diddy hit the headlines not long ago when celebrating his late friend Notorious BIG

Diddy couldn’t be more excited after the legend, The Notorious BIG was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2020.

Diddy shared a crazy video on his social media account to mark this huge milestone for music.

Whitney Houston and Biggie have been announced as two of six artists who will join the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame later this year. Diddy and Biggie fans couldn’t be happier and more proud.